Serious DIYers, Asha and Dave, were game enough to take on a massive cabinetry challenge.

Asha and Dave have completed four renovations so far and have found they love the process and the feeling of accomplishment after completing a job.

Although the couple were unfamiliar with DIY, they knew their most recent renovation would be the most difficult. Asha and Dave wanted customised cabinetry in multiple rooms, including the bathroom, kitchen, scullery, laundry and bedroom. Not wanting to compromise on style or quality but unable to afford a traditional cabinet maker, they decided to take on the massive project themselves.

After a quick search on Google, Asha and Dave found Provence Brothers and knew we would supply quality cabinetry and a seamless service. As cabinetry novices, the couple were hesitant about taking on such a big project, but they found our resources helped them gain the confident to move on with the project.

What our clients say

Retief was really helpful. He answered all of our questions and pointed us toward resources to help us understand the process, which gave us the confidence to proceed… Our builder was so impressed with the final result that he asked us for Provence Brothers’ details to use them in the future!

The work begins

As cabinetry novices, Asha and Dave were hesitant about taking on such a big project, but the couple found our resources, and customer service helped them feel confident to move on with the project.

The cabinet design was the most time-consuming and proved to be a steep learning curve for Asha, who impressively prepared the elevation drawings herself with help from Retief. Once she completed the drawings, Asha ordered the cabinetry through our online ordering system which she found easy.

Dave was in charge of construction and installation. As with many projects, there were some hiccups along the way, including submitting a measurement incorrectly. Provence Brothers helped the couple by answering their questions, cutting pieces shorter to make them fit or suggesting alternative ways to address issues.

The Result

And the result? An absolute success! The project took time and patience, especially because of the sheer scale of the renovation, but Asha and Dave learnt a lot through the process and saved bundles of money. They feel proud and accomplished – and so they should. With our help, the couple designed and installed multiple cabinetry units and transformed their space into something extraordinary.