After Peter came across Provence Brothers’ Cut-to-Size solution 18 months ago, he quickly discovered they were the right fit to help him transform his small business for the better.

Specialising in wardrobe, kitchen and laundry fitouts, Peter had been going about his business the same way for years – by going into a workshop and explaining every cabinetry job in person, with hand-written dimensions and instructions. It wasn’t exactly what you’d call an efficient process, but it worked for him at the time.

When he decided to pack up and move his life to Pemberton, this had massive implications for the operation of Peter’s business. As he was no longer able to readily pop in to the workshop in Perth every day, he quickly needed a better solution to meet his cabinetry demands.

What our clients say

Provence Brothers have not only massively streamlined the process of cabinet-making for me, their specialist machinery has allowed me to offer my clients styles and finishing I never could have before as an independent. My sincere thanks to Retief and everyone at Provence Brothers for your brilliant service and support.

The Solution

When Peter discovered Provence Brothers, the missing piece of the jigsaw fell into place. He was guided through all the ways Provence Brothers could help to streamline his business – from online ordering, to customisation, automation, and delivery.

As an independent business, Peter wasn’t in a position to spend on a CNC machine, nor cut and edge himself. Seeing the high quality materials, customisable sizes, and what Provence Brothers machinery could offer opened him up to a world of new possibilities.

This new workflow instantly appealed to him, but naturally, there was some adjusting to do. As Peter adapted to this new way of working, he had the support of Retief there to answer any questions and quickly sort out any problems along the way.

The Result

Switching to Provence Brothers has helped turn Peter’s business around – with halved turnaround times, no more miscommunication, and valuable time freed up to focus on other work.

Today, Peter has switched all of his cabinetry-making to Provence Brothers. This new system has allowed him to become more efficient, precise with ordering, and manage everything from home without any hassles. It certainly is a far cry from the days of going into the workshop in person and explain everything manually.