High-quality pre-designed or cut-to-size cabinetry to bring your vision to life

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of finishing a project yourself. Whether you’re renovating or taking on a build, Provence Brothers high-quality cabinetry will enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labour for years to come.

Provence Brothers provides the experienced DIYer with two solutions to order customised cabinetry that will meet the specifications of your room, style and purpose.

Provence Brothers’ pre-designed cabinets are designed so that appliances, work areas, appliance cabinets and cabinet hardware like bins are located in the right place to optimise the functionality of the space. You don’t have to think about any of this. The cabinets will be made to your specified size, you can choose from a select range to further customise the finishes to suit your style.

Provence Brothers' Cut-to-Size cabinetry is a great solution if you already have a design and would like to customise each cabinet according to your design specifications.

Our cut-to-size solution is developed for cabinet makers, but experienced DIYers are also welcome to sing-up and use it. Within our cut-to-size solution you to choose finishes and hardware from major suppliers like Polytec, Laminex Formica, HVG, Hettich, Blum, Lincoln Sentry and more, and it allows get into the detail of customising each cabinet.

For both solutions we use the same materials and hardware that a professional cabinet maker would and use the same manufacturing processes as for our cabinet maker and trade customers.

You can choose to receive your cabinets flatpack or assembled and deliver or pick-up.
Whichever solution you choose to bring your vision to life, you can rest assure that you will have professional standard, high-quality cabinets to enjoy for many years.

Extensive Customisation Options

Order the cabinetry you want to build. Choose from an extensive cabinetry library and select quality materials based on your specifications.

Premium materials

We manufacture with industry-leading machinery and use only the highest quality materials. Feel confident knowing you’re building with the best.

Easy ordering process

No need to visit a warehouse. Order cabinetry at whatever time is convenient for you. Our platform makes it fast and easy.

What we offer

We manufacture and supply custom cabinetry for cabinet makers, trades and experienced DIY’ers.

Provence Brothers manufacture cut-to-size and pre-designed cabinetry, either flat-packed or assembled. Choose from an extensive range of cabinet designs, materials and colours. Design, quote and order cabinetry instantly.

our process
Our process

Make ordering custom cabinetry fast and easy with our step-by-step guide.

Already have a design – Quote and order custom cabinetry to your design’s exact specifications with our online cut-to-size solution.

Looking for a great design – Select from our pre-designed options which can be adjusted to fit your space perfectly.

We manufacture according to your specifications and offer assembled or flatpack ready options for pickup or delivery.

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Cabinetry you can customise for any room and purpose.



High-quality pre-designed cabinetry in contemporary styles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order cabinet doors only?

Yes, you can! You can order doors through our ‘Doors & Panel’, as well as add hinge holes and set the hinges at the height of your choice. Watch our video for more guidance.

How do I order tall oven cabinets?

Tall cabinets will take some planning on your side. You will need the appliance(s) specs handy. Use a base oven cabinet and give it a ‘solid top’, then add the desired upper cabinets on top, whether it’s an open upper for a microwave, or just an upper cabinet with a door. You might also want to add ovens above each other. Design oven openings and order an aditional carcass material panel to be used as a fixed shelf.

Are adjustable legs included?

You can add legs when you order. You have the option in ‘Room Settings’ to choose the legs drilled and supplied, or drilled only.

Are the height of the legs included in the height of the cabinets?

No, cabinet measurements include external carcass measurents only. Please note: The depth measurement excludes the thickness of doors.

Do I need an ABN to order?

No. You can order without one. If you do have an ABN and plan to order from us, we would love to hear from you!

How long will it take to complete my order?

We strive to get all orders with melamine doors out within 15 working days. Vinyl and painted doors may take a week or so longer. Order times depend on current stock availability and work load. We will let you know the estimated completion date, and will let you know if there’s a delay.

I need help with ordering!

Of course we can help! You’re more than welcome to book a meeting with us. Our YouTube channel may also help.

Does cabinetry come with screws and hardware?

You have the option in ‘Room Settings’ to select the hardware supplied and drilled. If you ask for hardware to be supplied, everything needed to build the cabinets will be included. Fixings for cabinet-to-cabinet and cabinets-to-wall are excluded.

What is a 'filler' or 'scribe'?

These are the small panels between cabinets and walls, ceilings and in the corners where cabinets meet. These allow for walls, floors and celings that are not square, as well as doors and drawers to open without hitting other handles, cabinets, architraves, etc.

Can I get my cabinets assembled, or is it flatpack only?

At the moment, we can only suply flatpacked due to staffing shortages. When we get a few more team members, we will start offering assembled cabinets. Some pre-designed options may be available assembled or flatpacked.

How is Provence Brothers different to other suppliers I see online?

We’re Perth local in Perth and manufacture all the cabinets in our factory is Osborne Park. Our products are custom, cutting to size based on your requirements. We have an extensive cabinet library of products to choose from on our online platform.

What sort of finishes can I choose from?

You can choose from hundreds of different colours, patterns and finishes from reputable brands like Laminex and Polytec. You choose the finish that suits your style and budget, or even choose contrasting finishes for different areas of your cabinetry.

Can I order one cabinet or panel only?

Yes, you can order one part or cabinet only. Please note: There is a minimum usage fee to cover the cost for the full board we need to buy in order to cut the part.

My screws and hardware went through the door or drawer front. Can I claim a new part?

Unfortunatley, not. It’s the responsibility of the person building the cabinets to make sure all screws are correct, not too long and fit for purpose.

How will I know where the parts go if they're all on one pallet?

It helps to have the ‘Job Details’ form handy before you begin. Each part will have a label with a product number and description. Match these with the product number on the ‘Job Details’ form. We recommend that you sort all parts per cabinet number before you start assembling.

Will the cutting and drilling be completed, or will I need to do some of it?

We do all the drilling for the hardware you selected. If you order end/filler panels, kick boards or scribes oversize, you will need to cut them down. Drilling and cut outs for plumbing, electrical work etc. need to be done on site.

How do I fix my kickboards in place?

Most cabinet makers will screw them in place through the bottom of the base cabinets. You can also glue them to the legs or buy some kick clips from us. The kick clips screw to the back of the kick board and clip on to the adjustable legs.

Do I need to be a qualified cabinetmaker to install your cabinets?

A decent amount of experience is highly recommended, since our cabinets are designed and made mostly for trade professionals.

What exterior doors and panels do you supply?

We have a wide range of melamine doors with ABS edging from reputable brands, like Laminex and Polytec that we manufacture ourselves. We also supply profiled painted and vinyl doors.

How many Carcass colour options do you have?

White and black are the standard options. You can also select other exterior materials for your carcasses depending on your design style.

Can I get my cabinets delivered?

Yes, we can deliver. Cost for delivery is dependent on the distance from our factory.

What's your return and refund policy?

As our cabinetry is custom made based on specifications, we are unable to offer any returns or refunds. For this reason, please ensure all your specifications are entered correctly and double check your order before you submit. We will not be held liable for cabinetry that does not meet your specifications if you’re ordering is inaccurate.

What about faulty products?

If our product is delivered faulty or damaged, we will happily exchange it or refund you. Just send us an email with a photograph and our quality control officer will get back to you. Please note: The act of you signing for your product/s on pick-up is your acceptance that the product/s are free from damage. Please notify us of the damage before you accept product. We reserve the right to inspect claimed faulty or damaged products prior to agreeing to any part-refund, full refund or product exchange. If you would like to know more, feel free to get in touch.

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