Custom Flat Pack Cabinets Perth

Our History

Provence Brothers started as a dream for Retief and Pieter at a very young age. They want to build a company that is synonymous with quality of its product and service in the real estate construction industry. Their knowledge and experience in cabinet making gave them an entry point into the market.

The beginning in July 2013 was small and humble, but the service and product was good which allowed Provence Brothers to grow. Provence Brothers’ first factory was opened in O’Connor in 2014 and they continued their journey to becoming one of the most trusted custom cabinetmakers by their clients in Perth. They have always strived to deliver the best product, at the finest quality that offers value for money. Provence Brothers have developed relationships not only with its team members but also with its suppliers, to ensure the highest quality materials are available to their clients at all times.

In May 2016 it was time to upgrade their factory, so Provence Brothers set up shop in its current location in Osborne Park. The factory is purposefully laid out to ensure maximum productivity and is always buzzing with the sound of new designs being manufactured.

Having a real passion for what they do and being able to establish relationships with clients who will grow with them has been a defining factor for Provence Brothers in the Perth cabinetry market. They take pride in their work and are confident in the quality of their product, backing it up with unparalleled customer service. They continue to grow their commitment to quality of their products and services, a characteristic that will surely remain steadfast well into Provence Brothers’ future.

  • From a very young age, the Provence Brothers – Pieter and Retief always wanted to build high-quality service based company in the real estate and construction industry. As kids and teens, they always had various business plans in the works!

  • Their passion for constructing quality products and services led them to the art of cabinet making, where they quickly became obsessed with the process of creating luxurious products to completely bespoke design briefs and custom requirements.

  • While the brothers were always in the cabinet making world, they decided to formalise their business partnership and live what they dreamed together all those years ago as children and teens by starting Provence Brothers.

  • A lot of hard work, creating stunning cabinetry solutions and impressing many clients all over Perth, Provence Brothers quickly grew to having their own factory in O’Connor. They had already built trust with their Perth client base and developed great relationships with their team members and suppliers of excellent quality materials.

  • Provence Brothers outgrew their O’Connor premises and moved into their new factory in Osborne Park.

  • Provence Brothers continue to create high quality, bespoke cabinets for Perth customers with love and unparalleled customer service, ensuring the joy of creating the cabinets, matches the joy of the customer when they receive their cabinets.