Bespoke Cabinet Makers & Renovators Perth

Bespoke Home Office Cabinets

Working from home should be more comfortable than working at the office. We can help you achieve maximum productivity in the comfort of your own home with a personally designed home office.

Home offices specifically designed and manufactured to your needs and to match the style of the rest of your home. Home offices are often cluttered with bulky hardware, messy cords and untidy files and paperwork. We optimise the space of your home office with clever designs to hide bulky hardware and messy cords, as well as increasing your storage and filing space.

We do a full custom design where we produce 3D renders of your home office. You have a wide range choice from premium finishes so there is an option to suit every home and every interior. After the cabinets are manufactured, our highly skilled installers will be on-site to perfectly install your custom home office. During this time we will liaise with the relevant parties including tradespeople and builders to ensure your home office renovation is stress-free.


  • A 5 year warranty which covers all servicing and repairs.
  • A bespoke design for your specific taste and style – it’s what we pride ourselves on.
  • Master, local workmanship, from a family who have been making cabinets in Perth for over 10 years.
  • Extremely high quality, durable parts and finishes, that last a long time.
  • Installed by highly skilled and experienced installers.
  • A pleasant service experience guarantee, as we only consider the job a success when our clients come away impressed and happy.

Some of the office cabinets we have built: