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Kitchen Renovations

Provence Brothers design kitchens that improve your lifestyle, evoke inspiration and boost the value of your home. Our kitchen renovation service is highly regarded across Perth, a testament to the quality of our team’s customer focus, craftsmanship, expert designs, and professional service.
As a highly experienced kitchen renovator, we’ve created dream kitchens for many Perth families. Our kitchen designs are unique, stylish and locally made from the finest quality materials, fixtures and hardware that will stand the test of time.

Design and Planning – Focused on Your Lifestyle

When beginning a kitchen renovation with Provence Brothers, we will focus on how we can design a kitchen to suit your lifestyle. We work with you to brainstorm ideas and get to know the key requirements for your new kitchen. We will ask questions such as:

  • What would you like to achieve with your renovation?
  • Is it important to eat at the kitchen bench or at the dining room table?
  • Are you a home cook or aspiring masterchef?
  • Do you love to entertain and host people and how many at a time?
  • Do your kids or grandkids like to spend time with you in the kitchen?
  • What takes priority – the design or the practicality?
  • Once we have a holistic view of what you need and desire in a new kitchen, we can get to work on designing your dream kitchen.

    Our experienced interior designers use design software with 3D rendering so you can visualise your new dream kitchen, giving you the flexibility to make modifications in the design phase.

    This initial planning ensures an efficient and hassle-free kitchen renovation.

    Project Management – From Start to Finish

    At Provence Brothers, we know how precious your time is and how time-consuming a renovation can be. We give clients their time back and take the hassle out of a renovation by offering project management from start to finish. The benefit of having our team project manage your renovation, from initial consultation and design, right through to manufacturing and installation is that we have the experience to know when each trade needs to be on-site, what needs to happen when and can identify potential issues before they arise.
    Through project managing your renovation we ensure that you can enjoy your journey to your beautifully renovated kitchen and look back at the process with joy.
    Our expertise can effortlessly transform your existing kitchen into a visually inspiring and practical space that you and your family will love, and your friends will aspire to have.

    Get in Touch

    Our commitment to customer service is why we are so highly regarded by commercial builders and independent customers alike – we go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with the result.
    If you’re looking for a passionate team with unparalleled customer service to craft your custom designed kitchen, call or book your free discovery session today to find out how we can turn your dream into reality.

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    Our Bespoke Process
    to Beautiful Results


    Initial Consultation

    This is the opportunity to meet with you in your home to discuss your vison for your new kitchen. At this time, we brainstorm ideas for the best way to develop the design to fit with your taste and lifestyle.


    Preliminary Design

    We take your ideas and create a preliminary design package with plans and a finishes board and if you choose, a 3D rendered images so you can visualise how your ideas will look when your kitchen is completed. This is the ideal time to make any design or concept changes.


    Feedback and quote

    Any amendments at the preliminary design phase are presented to you to give the most accurate reflection of your new kitchen. You’ll also receive your detailed, accurate quote with no hidden fees for the cost of completing the kitchen renovation project.


    Final drawings

    Final drawings are once again produced in 3D so you’ll know exactly how your finished kitchen will look. Once you are satisfied with the final design it’s time to sign off and move forward with the production phase.


    Plan and Schedule

    This is where we work with you to determine the timeline for completing your new kitchen renovation. You’ll know exactly what happens at each stage and we’ll keep you informed as each of these stages progresses.



    We look after your whole kitchen renovation process from beginning to end. We manufacture the cabinetry plus we also manage and co-ordinate all the trades required to complete your project, i.e. electricians, plumbers, tilers, carpenters and so forth.

    What Makes Provence
    Brothers Your Best Choice

    Lifestyle improvement

    Our renovations don’t just cosmetically improve the look of your kitchen but improves the function of your kitchen and home too. The layout, hardware and materials all work together beautifully to create a seamless kitchen you’ll enjoy for years to come.

    Professional and Qualified Designers

    Our designers work according to your taste, style and ideas. They are knowledgeable on a vast range of materials and hardware. This significantly reduces your time to search through thousands of products. Our designers will know what products will suit your taste, style and vision.

    Give clients their time back

    We supply and project manage all the trades necessary to complete your renovation. You’ll only need to deal with one person and won’t have to coordinate several trades. This is efficient, therefore reducing costs, time and stress.

    Experienced kitchen experts

    Experience brings knowledge. You can have peace of mind knowing your kitchen renovation project is in safe hands. No issue is too large to overcome when you’re dealing with people who have great expertise and 20+ years of experience.

    High quality materials

    High quality and durable materials are used to create your beautiful new kitchen. It’ll look great and it will stand the test of time, so you’ll enjoy the benefits of your kitchen well into the future. Your kitchen will continue to perform for you.

    Discounted prices on appliances and fixtures

    When we do your renovation, we can offer you discounted prices on certain brands of appliances and hardware at certain stores that we have partnerships with. This can help you get the absolute best for your kitchen, at a fraction of the cost.

    A Small Selection of Our Kitchen Renovations