Streamline your business, save time and ditch the overheads. Make quoting and ordering cabinetry easy.

You know design and have a thriving business in cabinetry making, but you’re feeling under the pump. Why not leave the manufacturing to fellow cabinet makers, and save yourself time and money?

Provence Brothers take the stress out of cabinet making by supplying pre-designed and cut-to-size cabinetry. Choose from high-quality customisable cabinetry, finishes and hardware suited for any room and purpose.

Order through our intuitive platform with live pricing to keep tabs on your budget. Customise your cabinetry by adjusting measurements based on your specs. Get your cabinetry delivered as flatpacks or assembled ready for installation.

Streamline your business

Improve business efficiencies by ordering custom cabinetry online. Just enter in your specs and order through our easy-to-use platform.

Boost profitability

It’s overheads like cutting machinery that eat into your profits. Reduce costs and boost profits by outsourcing the cutting, edging and drilling.

Save time

Leaving the time-consuming and labour-intensive part of cabinet-making means you have more time for business development or downtime.

what we offer
What we offer

We supply and manufacture custom cabinetry for cabinet makers, trades and serious DIY’ers. Design, quote and order cabinetry instantly.

Provence Brothers manufacture cut-to-size and pre-designed cabinetry and deliver flat-packed or assembled ready for installation. Choose from an extensive range of designs, materials and colours. Order through our user-friendly platform. 

our process
Our process

Make ordering custom cabinetry fast and easy with our step-by-step guide.

Just quote and order your cabinetry through our intuitive platform. Customise designs based on your specifications and see your creativity come to life.

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Cabinetry made for you


Cabinetry you can customise for any room and purpose.

Cut to size


High-quality pre-designed cabinetry in contemporary styles.

Pre-designed solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Provence Brothers Flat-packs differ to some other flat packs I’ve seen online?

Provence Brothers is an established business with a solid reputation for producing high-quality, bespoke cabinetry solutions. Our flat packs online ordering system streamlines the design and ordering process allowing our customers to achieve all the quality of our bespoke services at a better price because they are managing the design, assembly and installation components themselves. All our flat packs are manufactured locally in our Perth factory, unlike many other flat pack cabinets which may be imported and made using lower quality materials. Producing locally also enables us to complete the order of your cabinets in two weeks or less.

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