As a designer doing small-scale kitchen and bathroom renovation projects, Trish had heard good things about Provence Brothers through a friend who did similar work.

Trish is not only passionate about interior design, but keeping her clients happy too. Up until a year ago, she’d been using a mix of different retailers and suppliers for her cabinetry – facing constant issues with the cost of materials, lack of design options, mistakes in the work, as well as the added hassles of cutting the cabinets down to size.

With prices of her supplier going up, and their customer service going down, Trish had heard that Provence Brothers could help her design cabinetry exactly the way she wanted it, for a far better deal than she was currently getting.

What our clients say

Provence Brothers are great guys. Their attention to detail and customer service has been awesome. Not only that, but they’ve given me the autonomy of customising my cabinetry, and the added bonus of passing on the savings to my clients.

The Solution

When Retief walked Trish through the online design platform, she quickly saw the possibilities open up – and her costs go down.

In many instances, Trish was quoting up a job with Provence Brothers and finding by comparison, it was nearly half the price of using her previous supplier. While there was a small learning curve to adapting to the design software – it was quickly remedied by a one on one with Retief, with follow-up phone calls if she ever got stuck. From then on, it was smooth sailing for Trish.

Once she received her first few orders, the attention to detail, and the quality of the materials quickly stood out to her. Unlike traditionally going to a retailer, Provence Brothers Cut-to-Size cabinets meant there was less double handling for her trades.

The Result

For Trish, the benefits of switching to Provence Brothers have been clear – saving her time, money, and effort – with a better end-product to boot.

Provence Brothers has given Trish the autonomy to design her cabinets exactly the way she likes – without having to conform to the cookie-cutter designs of retailers, or jump through the hoops (and higher material costs) of her old cabinetry supplier.

By adapting to online design and ordering, there’s been far less steps involved for Trish. Best of all, it’s allowed her to be able to give her clients cabinetry that’s customised and fit-for-purpose – all at a lower cost. Today, Trish almost exclusively uses Provence Brothers for her cabinetry needs.